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| dos and don’t and DIY bride true story | written by Tamika Mackrell Floral Edge Port Douglas |

So this is our first blog post in a long long while! My name is Tamika and I own Floral Edge with my lovely big sis Candace.

Candace and I have owned Floral Edge for almost two years now but I have been in the game for a long time. Going from country Victoria to Port Douglas QLD was a big move for us, but it has been a real eye opener and a truly wonderful experience!!

Port Douglas is a very popular “destination wedding” hot spot. We have been apart of some really magical weddings, feeling very honoured!

As young/newish business owners we are striving to find ways/answers of how to make it easier and fun/affordable for brides to organise their flowers for their wedding. We both read blogs, follow all the wedding and event company’s on Facebook and Instagram, talk to past and present brides to make sure we are on trend and also cater for any individual style a bride may require.

I wanted to share this blog post I was reading. It had a title | 10 do’s and don’ts planning your wedding | I knew floristry would be on there for sure! We were number 4 on the list, I have pasted it below for you to have a read.


These things are best left to professionals. You will have enough to worry about in the days leading up your big day. The last thing you need to worry about is kitchen catastrophes and floral arrangement mishaps. You can come prepared with ideas and suggestions, but florist, cake decorators and hair dressers all exist for a reason — so that you don’t have to worry about it. This will be the easiest way to ensure as stress-free a day as possible.

Now after reading that you may think that a florist, hairdresser, and cake decorator just wrote that to get more money of brides because some peeps think we are rip offs!

When this is not the case, a huge majority of us are true professionals who are so in love with our jobs and really care and respect our industries and just want to spread the love of our talent and making sure standards don’t slip!

So when reading a blog on http://www.weddingchicks.com/ I stumbled across this title | DIY wedding for under 6k| I was very interested how they did it! But was surprised that what the bride had to say wasn’t all ROSES!!!!! She admits how hard it was and that she wished she had some help but was restricted with budget!

“From the Bride:

I had no budget for a florist, designer, or planner – those wonderful people that can see the vision to fruition while you chill out and have a mimosa. Aside from budget, to be honest I didn’t really feel I needed any of those people. I can create, I know what I want and how to make it most of the time. But, without the big budget you have to delegate to your friends and family. No exceptions, you just can’t do it all. Prime example: I was making my bouquet at 2:00 AM the night before and up at 6:30 AM to finish arrangements and set up – no beauty rest here!”

“The day before and day of the wedding, I should have also asked for more help. I only had a few people around the day before, once again afraid to disturb anyone or be called a bridezilla. So if someone offered to help I took it, but I learned you have to ask or even demand. Yikes. And I wish I would have delegated. I wanted to have my hand in every little thing but I just could not get everything completed and be ready to walk down the aisle. So many of my design elements went un-executed.”

Entertainment: One of my biggest regrets was not hiring a band, or even settling for a DJ. We had music via a Spotify playlists I made just for the day and my husband did an awesome job setting up some pretty nice speakers in the trees around the reception. Problem was there wasn’t anyone to control the flow of the evening. I hate that we did not have anyone to announce us as Mr and Mrs into the reception, first dances, get people off their seats and to the dance floor. The party ended way too soon and hardly anyone danced, and that makes me sad.

Honeymoon:  We weren’t able to take one.  Had I waited another 6 months or so we could have saved a bit more money and gone on at least a small road trip.  No other night in your life will you get to feel the same as your wedding night.  I just don’t think anyone should miss the opportunity to jet off with your brand new spouse right then, while you are high on good emotion and feeling the closest you have ever felt to one another.”

What do you make of this? She was very honest, most blogs I read about DIY weddings they go on to say how wonderful they are and how everything was perfect. I have to say that for a DIY job of the flowers she did do a really good job. I read more and she had a price list of what she spent money on and for the money she spent on the flowers we could have taken the stress away and made her bouquet for her, and got in more flowers market style for her to do her rustic style jars and vases for the table so she still could have had a real input with the styling but had some time for some beauty sleep.

Written by Tamika Mackrell

|Floral Edge Port Douglas|


Thank you to weddingchicks.com


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