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March 31, 2020
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April 3, 2020
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Dindi Naturals Hand Sanitiser – Lemon


Keep hands clean and sanitised – gentle, natural and free from harsh, drying chemicals.

A potent antiseptic, with the fresh scent of lemon tea tree, our hand sanitiser is the perfect accompaniment when travelling or going about your day to day. Organic sugarcane alcohol in a blend of essential oils, hydrosol and palm oil free glycerine makes a powerful germ killer, yet is gentle enough for use by the whole family.

Wherever you are, a 60-percent alcohol-based hand sanitiser can keep you winning the fight against harmful germs and bacteria, especially when soap and water aren’t readily available! We use 62% minimum alcohol content in our hand sanitisers – many studies have shown that the higher the alcohol content, the more effective your hand sanitiser is at combating germs, bacteria, and helping people stave off the cold, flu and other viruses.

Ingredients : natural organic sugarcane alcohol, lemon tea tree hydrosol, glycerin, lemon tea tree essential oil, vitamin E

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